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Japanese Patent JP2001514146
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A lifting cushion includes an inflatable envelope (64), a first layer (4) and a second layer (6). The envelope (64) includes two rectangular sheets (66 and 68) which are connected by a plurality of cell structures (72), the sheets (66 and 68) and the cell structures (72) being made of polyaramid cord. Each cell structure (72) consists of two opposed generally U-shaped half-cell members (74 and 76). The two half-cell members (74 and 76) of each cell structure (72) are threaded through adjacent slits (78) in the sheets (66 and 68) so that the end arms (80 and 82) of the two half-cell members extend towards one another to leave a small gap (84) therebetween. The first layer (4) is wrapped around the envelope (64), and the second layer (6) is wrapped around the first layer (4) at 90 DEG to the direction of the first layer (4). The envelope (64) and the first and second layers (4 and 6) are heated, compressed and hot vulcanized to secure these components to one another during manufacture of the lifting cushion.

Jones, David, Bernard
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Publication Date:
September 11, 2001
Filing Date:
August 27, 1998
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MFC Sea Survival Limited
International Classes:
B29D22/00; B29D22/02; B66F3/35; (IPC1-7): B66F3/35; B29D22/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takehiro Chiba (1 outside)