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Japanese Patent JP2001514284
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Coupled polymers are prepared by a process comprising heating an admixture containing (1) at least one polyolefin comprising ethylene and optionally at least one comonomer and (2) a coupling amount at least one poly(sulfonyl azide) to at least the decomposition temperature of the poly(sulfonyl azide) for a period sufficient for decomposition of at least 80 weight percent of the poly(sulfonyl azide) and sufficient to result in a coupled polymer; particularly where the polyolefin is the product of polymerization of ethylene and optionally at least one other alpha-olefin in the presence of a single site catalyst.

Bab, David A
Hornig, Wendy Day
Khao, Chi-Ai
Roland, Michael Yee
Cummins, Clark H
Mullins, Michael Jei
Sylvis, H. Craig
Ho, Soi H
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Publication Date:
September 11, 2001
Filing Date:
August 13, 1998
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The Dow Chemical Company
International Classes:
B29C55/28; B29D22/00; B29D23/00; C08J3/24; B32B1/08; C08C19/00; C08C19/20; C08F8/00; C08F8/30; C08F8/34; C08F32/00; C08F36/20; C08G81/02; C08G85/00; C08J5/00; C08J5/18; C08J9/10; C08K5/43; C08L23/00; C08L23/02; C08L23/04; C08L23/08; C08L23/16; C08L25/08; C08L33/14; B29K23/00; B29L7/00; C08L23/06; (IPC1-7): C08G85/00; C08F8/30; C08J5/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Heiyoshi Odashima (1 person outside)