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Japanese Patent JP2001522953
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Screen panels are disclosed which are adapted to form a portion of a screening cylinder for screening fibrous material. The screen panels are unitary and made of wear-resistant material including a plurality of axially extending grooves on the outer surface of the screen panel, a plurality of slit-shaped screening orifices disposed at the bottom of the axial grooves, at least one support ring extending circumferentially across the surface of the screen panel and integral therewith, and a flange is formed at the sides of the screen panel so that the screen panels can be assembled together without the use of welding.

Tallburnen, Mika
Application Number:
Publication Date:
November 20, 2001
Filing Date:
November 09, 1998
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Barmet, Huay Verteck, Actie Evorague
International Classes:
D21D5/16; (IPC1-7): D21D5/16
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yoshio Kawaguchi (3 outside)