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Japanese Patent JP2001522954
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The invention relates to a method of drying a fiber web and an arrangement in a fiber web drying apparatus, the fiber web being dried between two tight bands that move in parallel in the same direction and turn around turning rolls. The first band is heated and the second band is cooled. The fiber web is guided through a drying zone, defined by the bands, with at least one felt or wire, so that the fiber web comes into contact with the surface of the first, heated band and the felt or wire is between the fiber web and the second, cooled band. The position of the edge of the band is measured by means of a sliding block which is brought into contact with the edge of the band, the material of the sliding block being substantially harder than that of the band.

Vinio, Veli Match
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Publication Date:
November 20, 2001
Filing Date:
November 10, 1998
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Falmet Corporation
International Classes:
D21F1/36; D21F5/00; (IPC1-7): D21F5/00
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Shohei Oguri (4 outside)

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