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Japanese Patent JP2001524037
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This process consists:in continuously extruding, with the aid of a multislot die, parallel sheets (31) of thermally fusible material inside a cooling chamber (4), with the creation of a seal between the longitudinal edges of the sheets and the walls of the chamber; andin creating, in this chamber and from the end located on the die side, successively in the various compartments located on both sides of each sheet (31), successively a vacuum and the delivery of a coolant, the two compartments located on the two sides of the same sheet being, in the case of one of them, subjected to a vacuum and, in the case of the other, subjected to the delivery of a coolant, and conversely during the following phase, so as to deform the sheets and weld them in pairs with the formation of cells (36).

Deyu Krui, Gee
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Publication Date:
November 27, 2001
Filing Date:
March 18, 1998
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Deyu Krui, Gee
International Classes:
B29C48/08; B29C48/11; B29C48/19; B29C48/30; B29C48/32; B29C48/885; B29C65/00; B29C65/02; B29D99/00; (IPC1-7): B29C47/12; B29C47/78
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shigeru Yagita (2 outside)