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Japanese Patent JP2002504194
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A differential density single lamina web of cellulosic fibers comprises at least two pluralities of micro-regions disposed in a non-random and repeating pattern: a first plurality of high density regions and a second plurality of low density regions. The high density regions comprise cellulosic fibers comprising fluid latent indigenous polymers (FLIP), such as hemicelluloses and lignin. The fibers of the high-density regions are FLIP-bonded, i.e., bonded together by a process of softening, flowing and immobilization of the FLIP between the cellulosic fibers of the high density regions. The process for making the web comprises the steps of providing a plurality of papermaking fibers comprising FLIP; providing a macroscopically monoplanar papermaking belt having a web-facing surface and deflection conduits; depositing the plurality of the cellulosic fibers on the papermaking belt to form a web; heating the web to a temperature sufficient to cause the FLIP contained in a first portion associated with the web-facing surface of the belt to soften; impressing the web-side surface of the belt into the web; immobilizing the flowable FLIP and creating FLIP-bonds between the fibers comprising the first portion of the web.

Torokhan Paul Dennis
Richard Mark Ryan
Sterges Michael Gomer Jr.
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Publication Date:
February 05, 2002
Filing Date:
May 29, 1998
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The Proctor End Gamble Company
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D21H27/00; D21F3/00; D21F5/02; D21F11/00; (IPC1-7): D21H27/00; D21F3/00; D21F5/02; D21F11/00
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Akira Okawa (1 person outside)