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Japanese Patent JP2002509580
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Uniform sized and shaped spheres (72) are formed by applying a minute periodic disturbance to a low viscosity liquid material. Pressure forces the material through at least one orifice in a crucible (20) as a steady laminar stream. The stream enters an enclosed controlled temperature solidification environment (14) which contains at least one heat transfer medium. A charging means (110) is applied to the stream as the stream exits the crucible and breaks into a plurality of spheres to deflect the spheres as they pass through an electric field. The enclosed controlled temperature solidification environment cools and substantially solidifies the spheres.

Tongue, gee
Hess, Gully Bee.
Muszinsky, Mark Di
Gering, Thomas S.
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Publication Date:
March 26, 2002
Filing Date:
June 05, 1998
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Aeroquip Corporation
International Classes:
B01J2/02; B01J2/04; B01J2/06; B01J2/16; B01J2/18; B22F1/065; B22F9/08; B23K35/02; C21D9/00; H05K3/34; (IPC1-7): B22F9/08; B01J2/02; B01J2/18
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Nobuo Kaida (3 outside)