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Japanese Patent JP2002509581
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The invention describes a method for applying an electrocatalytic or a protective coating to a metal substrate or repairing a damaged area of the same, consisting in a thermal treatment of a precursor of said catalytic coating by means of a hot air jet from a blower. The temperature of the substrate is locally controlled by means of surface temperature sensors or by an infrared measuring system. The metal substrate may be an exhausted electrode structure, in which case the reactivation is easily carried out at the plant site without any need of sending the structure to the producer. The method of the invention is particularly useful for reactivating anodes for oxygen evolution as it permits to avoid the risky procedure of detaching the anode from the current conductor.

Mantegazza, Claudio
Zioni, Emilio
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Publication Date:
March 26, 2002
Filing Date:
July 09, 1998
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De Nora Ellet Rodi Sochieta Per Azioni
International Classes:
C25B11/04; B05D5/12; C23C18/02; C23C18/08; C25B11/00; C25B11/10; (IPC1-7): C23C18/02; C25B11/04
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Kazuo Shamoto (5 outside)