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Japanese Patent JP2002513610
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A illuminated surgical retractor for illuminating a subcutaneous surgical field in the space between a vessel, such as the saphenous vein, and the subcutaneous tissue when the illuminated retractor is used to retract the subcutaneous tissue away from the superior surface of the vessel, the illuminated surgical retractor having a handle connected at an acute angle to a distal end of a first blade section, a second blade section that is connected, and substantially co-planer, to the first blade section, a distal end of the second blade section defining an illumination input end, a connector coupled to the illumination input end so that a source of illumination can be optically coupled, via the connector, to the illumination input end so that the second blade section is substantially illuminated, and, alternatively, a bent tip extending from the proximal end of the first blade section to aid in the required dissection of the intervening tissue.

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Publication Date:
May 14, 2002
Filing Date:
April 28, 1999
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International Classes:
A61B17/00; A61B17/02; A61B19/00; (IPC1-7): A61B17/02
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社本 一夫 (外5名)