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Japanese Patent JP2002520497
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A high efficiency method of producing a high quality knit fabricis diclosed. The method includes the steps of drafting a blended sliver of cotton fibers and polyester fibers in a four roll draffing zone in which the nip to nip spacing in the break zone is no more than 2.5 mm longer than the effective fiber length of the polyester fibers, and no more than 1.5 mm greater than the effective fiber length in the intermediate zone, and at least 7 mm greater than the effective fiber length in the front zone, thereafter spinning the drafted sliver into yarn at a take up speed of greater than 150 meters per minute, and thereafter knitting the spun yarn into fabric.

Sherair, Todd Joseph
Moore, Winston Patrick
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Publication Date:
July 09, 2002
Filing Date:
July 09, 1999
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Wellman Incorporated
International Classes:
D01H1/115; D01H5/22; D01H5/26; D02G3/38; D02J1/22; D04B1/14; (IPC1-7): D02J1/22; D01H5/22; D04B1/14
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Kazuo Shamoto (4 outside)