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Japanese Patent JP2002520498
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The invention relates to a method for printing fibrous textile materials using the ink-jet printing technique, wherein the fibrous materials are printed with an aqueous ink that comprises at least one acid dye according to claim 1 and that has a viscosity of from 1 to 40 mPa.s.

Lacroix, Roger
Shy bri, peter
Middle, Michael
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Publication Date:
July 09, 2002
Filing Date:
July 05, 1999
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Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Incorporated
International Classes:
D06P3/24; D06P1/06; D06P1/39; D06P1/40; D06P1/613; D06P1/649; D06P3/28; D06P5/00; D06P5/30; (IPC1-7): D06P3/24; D06P1/613; D06P1/649; D06P3/28; D06P5/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hajime Tsukuni (1 person outside)