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Japanese Patent JP2002529633
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The invention relates to an armature arrangement (10) which can be mounted in bores of a door which horizontally meet, a window or the like and which has handles (20) which are non-rotatably linked to a rotor (40). A two-armed catch (50) acts upon a rotor bridge (45). Said catch can be swiveled in opposite direction to the movement of the rotor (40) to actuate a spring-biased latch (15). Said rotor is operated by a recuperator spring and is mounted in an axially stable manner in a housing (30). The driving connection between the rotor (40) and the catch (50) can be optionally established or disestablished by means of a coupling device (200). The coupling device is actuated by a handle (olive turning handle 207, 208) which can be engaged with the rotor (40). A short catch-arm (54) effects coupling or decoupling by means of a driving pin (201) which can be lifted and lowered in relation to the rotor bridge (45) by turning wings (216) of each coupling half (202). The two coupling halves (202) are connected via a rod (206) in a non-rotatable but axially releasable manner. Said rod can be displaced on a 90 DEG curve within the rotor (40) which guides the driving pin (201) in aligned slots (210) in a radially movable manner. A handle core (217) can be axially engaged with a recess (222) of a coupling half (202).

Engel Heinz-Eckhart
Schubert Auliver
Zois Christian
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Publication Date:
September 10, 2002
Filing Date:
October 16, 1999
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Hoppe Holding Actien Gezershyaft
International Classes:
E05C1/16; E05B9/08; E05B13/10; E05B55/00; E05B63/08; E05B63/00; E05B63/16; (IPC1-7): E05B55/00; E05B63/08; E05C1/16
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Mitsufumi Ezaki (3 others)