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Japanese Patent JP2002533562
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The invention is a process of removing solids, particularly catalyst fines, from an asphaltene-containing hydrocarbon liquid. The process comprises contacting an asphaltene-containing hydrocarbon liquid with a solvent to create a mixture. The solvent is typically an alkane such as, propane to pentanes. Then, solids are removed from the mixture by any known process. Finally, additional solvent may be added, and the mixture heated until asphaltenes precipitate into a separate phase. The asphaltenes are removed from the mixture. The mixture is then further heated to recover the solvent from the deasphalted hydrocarbon liquid. The asphaltenes are advantageously gasified.

Wallace, Paul S
Kayson johnson
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October 08, 2002
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December 22, 1999
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Texaco Development Corporation
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C10G21/00; C10G21/14; C10G31/09; C10G31/10; C10G32/02; C10G53/04; (IPC1-7): C10G53/04; C10G21/14; C10G31/09; C10G31/10; C10G32/02
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Tadahiko Ito

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