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Japanese Patent JP2002539291
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This disclosure describes a processing approach for the rapid and efficient in-situ polymerization of specially prepared precursor mixtures to achieve near-net-shape production of objects/articles with exact dimensions. The process relies on the use of polymerizable compositions comprised of a mixture of a reactive plasticizer and an initiator, optionally also including a dead polymer, which compositions are semi-solid-like and induce little shrinkage upon curing as a result of their partially polymerized nature prior to processing. The articles of the invention have a surface and an interior core, the composition of the surface material being distinct from the composition of the core material while at the same time the surface and the core are an integral, monolithic entity. In addition, the articles are dimensionally stable and exhibit high fidelity replication.

Soan, David S.
Houston, Michael
Hino, Toshiaki
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Publication Date:
November 19, 2002
Filing Date:
September 22, 1999
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B29C39/00; B29D11/00; B32B27/08; C08F251/02; C08F265/04; C08F279/02; C08F283/02; C08F287/00; C08F291/00; C08J3/24; G02C7/04; C08J5/00; C08J5/12; C08J7/18; C08L51/00; C08L51/08; G02B1/04; G02B1/10; G02B5/23; G02C7/10; (IPC1-7): C08J7/18; B29C39/00; B29D11/00; B32B27/08; G02B1/04; G02B1/10; G02B5/23; G02C7/04; G02C7/10
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Shusaku Yamamoto