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Japanese Patent JP2002541879
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An implant (22) for myocardial tissue for treatment of coronary artery restenosis, ischemic heart disease, or cardiac conduction of disturbances. The mechanism of delivery can be transcatheter via chambers of the heart, endoscopic pericardial approach via minimally invasive transthoracic access, or intraoperative pericardial approach during open-chest surgery. Noncardiac tissues can also be treated.

Robert El Caferata
Application Number:
Publication Date:
December 10, 2002
Filing Date:
September 24, 1999
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Sea Earl Bird, Inc.
International Classes:
A61F2/02; A61K9/22; A61K38/19; A61J3/07; A61K48/00; A61M25/00; A61M31/00; A61M36/04; (IPC1-7): A61M36/00; A61J3/07; A61M25/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Tetsuro Ikuta (1 person outside)