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Japanese Patent JP2002541880
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A heat and moisture exchanger including a gas-permeable element, preferably a fibrous media, adapted to be warmed and to trap moisture from a patient's breath during exhalation and to be cooled and to release the trapped moisture for return to the patient during inspiration to effectively conserve the humidity and body heat of the patient's respiratory tract, wherein the media comprises a hydrophilic nylon polymer. The gas-permeable element can be formed entirely of monocomponent fibers of the hydrophilic nylon polymer or, preferably, fibers comprising at least a sheath of the hydrophilic nylon polymer can be bonded at their points of contact by a bonding agent, such as a polyester. Bicomponent fibers comprising a sheath of the hydrophilic nylon polymer can be bonded by other bicomponent fibers comprising a sheath of the bonding agent, with all of the bicomponent fibers comprising a core of a thermoplastic polymer, such as polypropylene, to minimize the cost and increase the strength of the heat and moisture exchanger element.

Richard, M. Burger
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Publication Date:
December 10, 2002
Filing Date:
January 18, 2000
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International Classes:
A61M16/04; A61M16/10; A62B9/00; B01D39/16; C08G69/40; D01D5/34; D01F6/82; D01F8/06; D01F8/12; D04H1/42; D04H1/56; D04H3/16; (IPC1-7): A61M16/04; C08G69/40
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kenji Yoshitake (5 others)