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Japanese Patent JP2002541881
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A pumping device for drawing in and delivering a liquid to a liquid dispensing device of a hair removing apparatus the pumping device includes a pump inlet and a pump outlet and a pumping element. The pumping device is formed by a first and a second housing part each having integrally formed therein a first and a second flow channel. The pumping device includes a membrane member disposed between the first and the second housing part the membrane member includes a pumping element and at least one valve element. The pump inlet is adapted to be coupled to a liquid dispensing device and the pump outlet to a liquid container.

Stephan, Furst
Berner, Hacksek
Andreas, Peter
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Publication Date:
December 10, 2002
Filing Date:
November 06, 1999
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Braun GmbH
International Classes:
A45D34/04; B26B19/40; B26B19/48; F04B43/02; (IPC1-7): B26B19/48; A45D34/04; B26B19/40; F04B43/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kenji Yoshitake (6 others)

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