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Japanese Patent JP2002544344
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High crystallinity ethylene/ alpha -olefin/polyene interpolymers, whether grafted with an unsaturated monomer or not, and if grafted, whether cross-linked or not, can be used as is to form a polymer composition or blended with other natural or synthetic polymers to form polymer blend compositions. Both the polymer composition and the polymer blend compositions have desirable physical properties that are useful in fabricating a variety of finished products.

Morgan mark fuse
Kim Lewis Walton
Christian daniel
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2002
Filing Date:
May 12, 2000
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DuPont Dow Elastomers LLC
International Classes:
C08J3/28; B32B27/28; B32B27/32; C08F210/18; C08F255/00; C08F255/02; C08F255/06; C08F255/08; C08F277/00; C08F279/00; C08J5/00; C08L21/00; C08L23/00; C08L23/04; C08L23/08; C08L23/16; C08L51/06; C08L23/06; (IPC1-7): C08F210/18; B32B27/28; B32B27/32; C08F255/06; C08J3/28; C08J5/00; C08L21/00; C08L23/00; C08L23/16
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yoshikazu Tani (2 outside)