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Japanese Patent JP2003501318
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A closure for a package that is adapted for mounting to a surface of the package includes a mounting flange having substantially planar upper and lower surfaces that define a thickness and define a flange plane. A spout extends from the upper surface of the flange and has an inner wall defining a dispensing opening. A membrane has a central portion and a circumferential edge region and is formed in the spout so as to extend to the inner wall to define a spout seal. The membrane is severable from the spout at the edge region. The edge region is selectively thinned and has a pair of first thickness regions and a pair of second thickness regions interposed between the first thickness regions. The second thickness regions have a thickness that is greater than a thickness of the first thickness regions.

Bengtson, Bengt
Noteman, kenneth
Mogard, jens
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Publication Date:
January 14, 2003
Filing Date:
June 02, 2000
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Tetra Laval Holdings Financiers Society Anonym
International Classes:
B65D5/70; B65D5/74; B65D41/50; B65D47/10; B65D47/12; B65D51/22; (IPC1-7): B65D47/12; B65D5/74; B65D51/22
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Akira Asamura (3 outside)