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Japanese Patent JP2003510430
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The invention is directed to olefin copolymers composed of nonhydrolyzable monomer units and hydrolyzable monomer units, the latter resulting from copolymerization of monomers containing a linkage that is hydrolytically cleavable in the presence of aqueous base or aqueous acid. Generally, the hydrolyzable monomer units represent a significant fraction of the copolymer, such that upon hydrolysis, a substantial portion of the copolymer is degraded into low molecular weight fragments. Also provided are degradable articles that are at least partially composed of a degradable copolymer in which hydrolyzable monomer units represent at least 20 mole % of the copolymer. These degradable articles include agricultural film products, adhesive tape substrates, bed linens, containers, disposable absorbent articles, packaging materials, bags, labels, pillow cases, protective clothing, surgical drapes, sponges, tampon applicators, disposable syringes, temporary enclosures and temporary siding, toys, wipes, foamed plastic products, and controlled release pellets, strips and tabs.

Wilson, Robert B. Jr.
Jonas Dotter, Sigridder
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March 18, 2003
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September 29, 2000
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C08F4/602; C08F4/64; C08F4/645; C08F4/6592; C08F210/00; C08F210/02; (IPC1-7): C08F210/00; C08F4/602; C08F4/645
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Shusaku Yamamoto