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Japanese Patent JP2003514444
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A system and method that scrambles the phase characteristic of a multicarrier signal are described. The scrambling of the phase characteristic of each carrier signal includes associating a value with each carrier signal and computing a phase shift for each carrier signal based on the value associated with that carrier signal. The value is determined independently of any input bit value carried by that carrier signal. The phase shift computed for each carrier signal is combined with the phase characteristic of that carrier signal so as to scramble the phase characteristic of the carrier signals. Bits of an input signal are modulated onto the carrier signals having a scrambled phase characteristic to produce a transmission signal with a reduced PAR.

Marcos Sea.
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Publication Date:
April 15, 2003
Filing Date:
November 09, 2000
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Aware, Incorporated
International Classes:
H04J11/00; H04J1/18; H04J1/20; H04L27/26; (IPC1-7): H04J11/00; H04J1/18; H04J1/20
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Furuya Eiko (4 outside)