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Japanese Patent JP2003516226
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Reactor membranes advantageously useful in oxidation reactions of hydrocarbons involving oxygen comprise a selective oxidation catalyst on a mixed conducting, oxide ion selective ceramic membrane of the composition (Sr1-xCax)1-yAyMn1-zBzO3-delta, where A is Ba, Pb, Na, K, Y, an element of the lanthanide group or a combination thereof, B is Mg, Al, Ga, In, Sn, an element of the 3d or 4d period or a combination thereof, x is from 0.2 to 0.8, y is from 0 to 0.4, z is from 0 to 0.6, and delta is a number, dependent on x, y and z, that renders the composition charge neutral.

シュテファン ビッターリヒ
ハルトヴィヒ フォス
ハルトムート ヒプスト
アンドレアス テンテン
インゴルフ フォイクト
ウテ ピッパルト
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Publication Date:
May 13, 2003
Filing Date:
December 11, 2000
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ビーエーエスエフ アクチェンゲゼルシャフト
International Classes:
B01D69/04; B01D69/06; B01D69/12; B01D71/02; B01J20/28; B01J23/00; B01J23/34; B01J27/198; B01J35/02; B01J35/06; C07B41/00; C07D307/60; C07B61/00; C07C5/48; C07C45/35; C07C45/38; C07C51/215; C07C51/25; C07C51/265; C07C253/24; C07C253/26; C07C253/28; C07D307/89; (IPC1-7): B01J27/198; B01D69/04; B01D69/06; B01D69/12; B01D71/02; B01J35/02; C07B41/00; C07D307/60; C07D307/89
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矢野 敏雄 (外4名)