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Japanese Patent JP2003517540
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The invention relates to an automatic transmission for a motor vehicle, especially a continuously variable transmission. The transmission has a variator, a primary disk set (12) and a secondary disk set (10) having a pushing linked band, whereby the variator can be adjusted with transmission oil provided from an oil pump (3) via an electrohydraulically controlled pressure supply device. A pressure regulating device (1) is arranged in one of the pressure lines (4) of the pressure supply device leading from the oil pump (3). The pressure regulating device is configured with a control valve (2) which is located in the pressure line (4) and with a bypass line (5) which bypasses the control valve (2). A stepped piston (9) which is arranged in a cylinder housing (6) and which can be displaced between two path limiting devices (7, 8) is arranged in the bypass line (5). The piston borders a first cylinder space (14) with a first front face (13) and borders a second cylinder space (16) with a second front face (15) which faces opposite the direction of the oil pump (3), said second space having a cross-section which is smaller than the first cylinder space (14).

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May 27, 2003
Filing Date:
December 15, 1998
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F16H9/00; F15B3/00; F16H61/00; F16H61/662; (IPC1-7): F16H61/00; F16H9/00
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佐藤 一雄 (外3名)