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Japanese Patent JP2003519131
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The present invention relates to substituted piperazine derivatives of general formula wherein Ra to Rc, Ya, Yb, X and n are defined as in claim 1, the isomers and salts thereof, particularly the physiologically acceptable salts thereof, which are valuable inhibitors of the microsomal triglyceride-transfer protein (MTP), medicaments containing these compounds and their use, as well as the preparation thereof.

Heckel Armin
Lehmann-Linz Thorsten
Thomas Leo
Marc michael
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Publication Date:
June 17, 2003
Filing Date:
December 16, 2000
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Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Comandito Gezelshaft
International Classes:
A61K31/495; A61K31/551; A61P3/06; A61P7/00; A61P35/00; C07D209/18; C07D213/56; C07D219/02; C07D233/54; C07D241/04; C07D295/10; C07D295/18; C07D295/185; C07D295/192; C07D295/20; C07D295/205; C07D295/21; C07D295/215; C07D295/22; C07D295/26; C07D311/84; C07D317/60; C07D241/08; C07D243/08; (IPC1-7): C07D241/04; A61K31/495; A61K31/551; A61P35/00; C07D243/08; C07D295/10; C07D295/22
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Minoru Nakamura (9 outside)

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