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Japanese Patent JP2003524707
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The present invention provides a method of treating wool, wool fibers or animal hair an alkali-containing alcohol solution, followed by a proteolytic enzyme in aqueous solution. The described method results in improved shrink-resistance, and may result in improvements in handle, appearance, wettability, reduction of felting tendency, increased whiteness, reduction of pilling, improved softness, improved tensile strength, and improved dyeing characteristics such as dye uptake and dye washfastness.

McDebit, Jason Patrick
Musinski Donald El
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Publication Date:
August 19, 2003
Filing Date:
February 23, 2000
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Novozymes North America, Inc.
International Classes:
C12S11/00; D06M11/00; D06M11/38; D06M13/144; D06M13/148; D06M16/00; D06M23/00; D06M101/12; (IPC1-7): D06M16/00; C12S11/00; D06M11/38; D06M13/148
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takashi Ishida (4 others)

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