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Japanese Patent JP2003524709
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A wide array of textile fabric substrates can be treated to improve the colorfastness and washfastness of ink jet ink formulations. The aqueous treatment formulations include between about 5-95% cationic polymers or copolymers, and between about 5-20% fabric softeners. Additionally, the formulations may also include between about 0-80% of a polymeric latex binder so as to increase washfastness. These percentages are based on a conventional measurement for solids content.

Branham Kelly Dean
Bagwell Allison Saliya
Gordon Alice Susan
Zelazoski Leonard Eugene
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Publication Date:
August 19, 2003
Filing Date:
March 23, 2000
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Kimberly Clark Worldwide Incorporated
International Classes:
B41J2/01; B32B5/28; B41M5/00; B41M5/50; B41M5/52; D06M13/463; D06M15/267; D06P1/52; D06P1/66; D06P3/04; D06P3/14; D06P3/24; D06P3/52; D06P3/60; D06P5/00; D06P5/22; D06P5/30; (IPC1-7): D06M15/267; B41J2/01; B41M5/00; D06M13/463; D06P3/04; D06P3/14; D06P3/24; D06P3/52; D06P3/60; D06P5/00
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Minoru Nakamura (9 outside)