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Japanese Patent JP2003527919
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The invention concerns a method and a device for non-invasive measurement of a tissue and in particular of the skin bilirubin level. The inventive device is characterized in that it comprises: a reading head ( 1 ) capable of sending several flashes of various specific wavelengths towards the tissue ( 2 ) to be examined and of receiving and measuring in return the reflected light; a calculator, such as a microprocessor, capable of calculating for each wavelength the amount of reflected light and bring it to a value calculated proportionally to a reference value identical for a predetermined wavelength; and a comparator for comparing the calculated value to a table of reference values.

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Publication Date:
September 24, 2003
Filing Date:
March 01, 2001
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メディック・エス ア―
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G01N33/483; A61B5/00; A61B5/103; A61B5/145; G01N21/25; G01N21/27; G01N33/48; G01N33/72; H04N5/44; (IPC1-7): A61B5/00; G01N21/27; G01N33/483
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山川 政樹