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Japanese Patent JP2003528181
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The present invention relates to magnetic, polymeric polyvinylalcohol-based carrier materials. The surface of said materials is at least partially silanised. The invention also relates to a method for silanising the surface of such materials and to the use of the magnetic, silanised carrier materials for isolating biological material, preferably nucleic acids.

Hoodie, dougle, jeffrey
Oster, Jürgen
Ar brathard, rotar
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Publication Date:
September 24, 2003
Filing Date:
March 16, 2001
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Hiemagen Biopolymer-Technology Actine Gesellshaft
International Classes:
B01J20/285; B01D15/08; B01D35/06; B01D43/00; B03C1/00; B03C1/01; C08F8/42; C08J7/12; C12N15/09; C12N15/10; G01N30/88; G01N33/543; (IPC1-7): C08J7/12; B01D15/08; B01D35/06; B01D43/00; B03C1/00; C12N15/09; G01N30/48; G01N30/88
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shuji Iwamiya