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Japanese Patent JP2003536033
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The present invention relates to a valve for controlling fluids, which has a piezoelectric actuator that is disposed in an actuator bore. A hydraulic booster and a bellows are also provided. The bellows is embodied such that it can absorb the axial stroke of the piezoelectric actuator. The bellows is connected solidly to the piezoelectric actuator and is also connected solidly to the actuator bore assure a fluid-tight seal of the actuator module relative to the other regions of the valve.

Stephan Schulk
Ud Schaich
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Publication Date:
December 02, 2003
Filing Date:
May 30, 2001
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Robert Botschyu Gezershyaft Mitt Bethile Renktel Haftung
International Classes:
F16K31/02; F02M47/00; F02M47/02; F02M59/46; F15B3/00; F16K31/00; F02M63/00; (IPC1-7): F16K31/02
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Toshio Yano (4 outside)