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Japanese Patent JP2004507911
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A television receiver comprising a tuner (104), a microprocessor (108), a communications bus (114) and a rewritable memory (202), e.g., an electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM). The memory is programmed to contain the tuner parameters (112) for a tuner. The memory can be programmed to be matched with a tuner such that, on the manufacturing floor, the tuner from each manufacturer is supplied with a matched memory for the television chassis that the tuner and memory are going to be placed within. The tuner parameters are recalled by the microprocessor and used to facilitate tuning of the tuner in a conventional manner.

アルパイワラ,フエローズ カイキ
ホール,エドワード アレン
オードネル,ユージーン マーフイ
マエクスナー,エドワード チヤールズ
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Publication Date:
March 11, 2004
Filing Date:
June 05, 2001
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Thomson Licensing S.A.
International Classes:
H03J1/00; H04N5/50; H04N21/426; (IPC1-7): H04N5/44
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渡辺 勝徳