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Japanese Patent JP2004509820
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A system for easy opening of sealed packages. The system comprises a tape dispensing apparatus, and a tape. The tape dispensing apparatus has a cutter therein. The tape is used for sealing a seam of a package. The tape is sized and shaped for being dispensed from the tape dispensing apparatus. The tape dispensed from the dispensing apparatus has a predetermined length cut by the cutter. The predetermined length of tape has a first side with a self-adhesive section for attaching the predetermined length of tape to the package. The predetermined length of tape also includes a non-adhesive section, and a ribbon disposed on the first side of the tape section. The predetermined length of tape has a tear strip defined by the ribbon, and non-adhesive section of the first side together. The tear strip extends longitudinally along the predetermined length of tape. The tear strip ends in a pull tab for pulling the tear strip open and opening the predetermined length of tape attached to the package.

Ray Roger F
Demunda John W
White Philip L
Epstein Harvey
Herbert robert jay
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Publication Date:
April 02, 2004
Filing Date:
September 26, 2001
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Ascom Hustler Mailing Systems, Inc.
International Classes:
B05C1/02; B65B69/00; B65H35/00; B65H35/06; C09J5/00; C09J7/02; B65H35/07; C09J201/00; (IPC1-7): B65H35/07; B05C1/02; B65H35/06; C09J5/00; C09J7/02; C09J201/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Fujihiko Motohiko
Tsuneyuki Kitajima
Shigeyuki Nagaoka