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Japanese Patent JP2004511308
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The present invention is a hand-operated injector device for injecting parenteral medications consisting of a cap, a plunger, a base, and a snap means. The cap contains a hollow central finger which upon proper hand force, moves toward a narrow plunger with an ability to slide into an annular wide plunger within an self-contained injection capsule. The movement of the cap drives the narrow plunger toward a narrow injection orifice at the bottom the capsule containing liquid medicament through which, the medicament under high pressure, forms a liquid jet through subcutaneous tissue of the patient. The injector may contain an external spring assisted holder or an internal spring assisted holder where the central finger is modified so as to be spring loaded. Finally, the spring injector may contain a cocking tab and a reusable power case. The injector device requires little training to use, reduces pain, improves injection safety and eliminates the need for a check valve.

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Publication Date:
April 15, 2004
Filing Date:
August 14, 2001
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International Classes:
A61M5/30; A61M5/20; A61M5/48; (IPC1-7): A61M5/30
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吉武 賢次
永井 浩之
岡田 淳平
勝沼 宏仁