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Japanese Patent JP2004516430
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The invention is based on a device for actuating a clutch (10), in particular for motor-vehicle drives, having an electronically controllable clutch servo unit (16) that comprises an electric motor (18, 52) and a reduction actuator gear (20) having two gear elements arranged coaxially in relation to each other (28, 38, 62 and/or 68, 82 and/or 96, 98) that are interconnected with each other in terms of propulsion via a thread (84, 86, 88) and that are displaced axially in relation to each other when they rotate relative to one another, whereby one of the gear elements (38, 68, 96) is immobilized axially in a housing (22, 58) of the clutch servo unit, and the actuating motion of the other gear element (28, 62, 82, 98) is transferred to a throwout bearing (42) of a clutch disk. It is proposed that the gear element (28, 62, 82, 98) that is axially displaceable relative to the housing (22, 58) is interconnected via a longitudinal guide (26, 66) with a rotor (56) or a motor shaft (24) of the electric motor (18) in a fashion that is torsion-resistant but axially displaceable, and acts on the throwout bearing (42) via an actuator (40, 74).

イェルク アショフ
ロルフ マック
ディーター フォルノフ
インゴ ドレーヴェ
クリスティアン マイアー
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Publication Date:
June 03, 2004
Filing Date:
November 28, 2001
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F16D23/12; F16D27/00; F16D28/00; F16H25/20; F16H35/00; F16H19/00; F16H25/24; (IPC1-7): F16D23/12; F16H25/20; F16H35/00
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矢野 敏雄
山崎 利臣
久野 琢也