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Japanese Patent JP2004516432
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A hydraulic pressure transformer has a port block which is attached to an end cap. The end cap includes a plurality of ports opening at an end face and at least one actuation port opening at or near a peripheral surface. A barrel which is rotatable about an axis includes a second end face and a plurality of cylinders having respective cylinder ports which open at the second end face. A port block disposed between the first end face and the second end face is rotatable about an axis and has a first face surface, a second face surface and a plurality of ports extending between the first face surface and the second face surface. The port block includes a radial periphery and at least one vane extending radially outward from the radial periphery to a position adjacent the peripheral surface of the opening.

ジョン シー.エンズレイ
デイビッド シー.ホール
フランク ジェイ.ラーブ
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Publication Date:
June 03, 2004
Filing Date:
November 21, 2001
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International Classes:
F15B3/00; F04B1/20; F04B1/30; F04C14/14; (IPC1-7): F15B3/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
谷 義一
阿部 和夫
橋本 傳一