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Japanese Patent JP2004523946
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In accordance with the present invention, nanometer-scale reversible electronic switches are provided that can be assembled to make cross-bar circuits that provide memory, logic, and communications functions. The electronic switches, or crossed-wire devices, comprise a pair of crossed wires that form a junction where one wire crosses another at an angle other than zero degrees and at least one connector species connecting the pair of crossed wires in the junction. The junction has a functional dimension in nanometers, wherein at least one connector species and the pair of crossed wires forms an electrochemical cell. The connector species comprises a bistable molecule having a general formula given by The bistable molecules evidence high switching speed. Such molecules are essentially stable against switching due to thermal fluctuations.

Bratovsky, M, Alexander
Konilovich, Pavel
Williams, Earl, Stanley
Tsang, Xiao-An
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Publication Date:
August 05, 2004
Filing Date:
January 04, 2002
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B82B1/00; C07D219/16; G02F1/15; G02F1/17; G11C13/02; G11C23/00; H03K17/00; H03K17/56; (IPC1-7): H03K17/56; B82B1/00; C07D219/16; H03K17/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Satoshi Furuya
Takahiko Mizobe
Kiyoharu Nishiyama