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Japanese Patent JP2004528793
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The invention relates to the electric-power industry and can be used for producing both thermal and electric energy and for measuring the liquid or gas flow temperature. The aim of the invention is to increase the performance of the vortex tube based on Ranke's effect and to extend the functional capabilities thereof for producing electric energy. The inventive methods for transforming energy of a running liquid or gas flow inside the vortex tube using Ranke's effect are carried out by an additional heating of liquid or gas in the hot part of the vortex tube and/or additional production of electric energy taken from windings (10) mounted on the vortex tube-case (1), the said case being made of a dielectric material. The inventive vortex tube for carrying out the said method comprises a tube-case (1) provided with a cyclone (3) at the end side thereof. Though, the said case is not grounded and is made of an electrically non-conductive material with electro-static properties.

Oleg Vyacheslavovich Glitskevich
Boris Oregovitch Glitskevich
Victor Vasilievich Irin
Stanislav Afanasievich Lisnyak
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Publication Date:
September 16, 2004
Filing Date:
November 22, 2001
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H02N3/00; F24J3/00; F25B9/04; H02K44/08; (IPC1-7): H02N3/00
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Kaiyu International Patent Office