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Japanese Patent JP2004531844
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The invention relates to a lithograph for producing digital holograms in a storage medium ( 4 ), having a light source ( 6, 10 ) for producing a write beam ( 12 ) with a predefined beam cross section, having a writing lens ( 14 ) for focusing the write beam ( 12 ) onto the storage medium ( 4 ) to be written, the writing lens ( 14 ) being arranged in a lens holder ( 16 ), and having drive means for the two-dimensional movement of the write beam relative to the storage medium. The technical problem of writing computer-generated holograms as quickly as possible and with little effort by means of optical lithography is solved in that a first drive device ( 18 ) is provided for moving the lens holder ( 16 ) substantially at right angles to the write beam ( 12 ) and in that the aperture of the writing lens ( 14 ) is smaller than the beam cross section of the write beam ( 12 ). The inventon also relates to a method for the lithographic production of a hologram in a storage medium.

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Publication Date:
October 14, 2004
Filing Date:
March 28, 2002
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テーザ スクリボス ゲゼルシャフト ミット ベシュレンクテル ハフツング
International Classes:
G02B5/32; G03F7/20; G03H1/08; G11B7/0065; G11B7/09; G11B7/125; G11B7/135; H01L21/027; (IPC1-7): G11B7/135; G02B5/32; G03F7/20; G03H1/08; G11B7/0065; G11B7/09; G11B7/125; H01L21/027
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青木 篤
鶴田 準一
島田 哲郎
下道 晶久
西山 雅也