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Japanese Patent JP2005501928
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Providing a new synthetic plastics composition including at least one silane crosslinking polymer, finely divided calcium carbonate and carbon black. A new synthetic plastics composition containing: (a) at least one silane crosslinking polymer, preferably polyurethane as the crosslinking polymer of formula A-(Z-R<1>-Si(R<2>a)-(OR<3>)3-a)n (I); (b) finely divided calcium carbonate filler coated with fatty acid, especially stearate; and (c) carbon black of high surface area meeting the requirements for structural elements in the automobile industry. R<1> = 2-8C optionally branched alkyl, R<2> = 1-8C alkyl, R<3> = 1-5C alkyl, a = 0 or 1, Z = S or NR<4>; R<4> = H or organic residue, e.g. alkyl or 1-20C aryl, or a compound having ester groups, e.g. of formula R<5>OC(=O)CH2CH-C(=O)-OR<5> (II); R<5> = 1-8C alkyl; n = 2-4; and A = polyurethane/prepolymer residue of n functionality. (b) the finely divided Ca carbonate is coated with fatty acid, especially stearate, of particle size 0.05 -1 micron, thickness about 2.6-2.7 g/ml, and (c) the carbon black has a thickness of about 1.8 g/ml, and especially a large surface area, with 20-50 ml filler (b) per 100 g of polymer (a) + (c), and the b to c volume ratio is 70/30 to 30/70; An Independent claim is also included for preparation of the adhesive involving preparation of at least one silane containing polyurethane/prepolymer, where in a first step a polyol with excess polyisocyanate is reacted so that a prepolymer with isocyanate end groups is obtained, which are reacted with at least one organofunctional silane, containing groups which react with isocyanate, and the prepolymer obtained is mixed with dried carbon black and finely divided coated Ca carbonate in the absence of moisture.

Pfenninger, Uri
Stadelman, Ursula
Curriculum, Anne Marie
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Publication Date:
January 20, 2005
Filing Date:
April 18, 2002
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Zika Schweitz Akchen Gezel Shaft
International Classes:
C08G18/10; C08K3/04; C08K3/26; C09J11/00; C09J175/04; C09J183/04; (IPC1-7): C09J175/04; C09J11/00; C09J183/04
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Atsushi Aoki
Takashi Ishida
Tetsuji Koga
Kazuo Yoshii
Masaya Nishiyama