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Japanese Patent JP2005512783
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A process for the preparation of nanoscale particulate material is described comprising: (i) combining one or more functional material to be precipitated as nanoscale particles and one or more surface active material in a compressed CO2 phase with a density of at least 0.1 g/cc, where the functional material is substantially insoluble in the compressed CO2 in the absence of the surfactant, the surfactant comprises a compressed CO2-philic portion and a functional material-philic portion, and the compressed CO2 phase, functional material and surfactant interact to form an aggregated system having a continuous compressed CO2 phase and a plurality of aggregates comprising surfactant and functional material molecules of average diameter less than 10 nanometers dispersed therein; and (ii) rapidly depressurizing the compressed CO2 phase thereby precipitating the dispersed functional and surfactant materials in the form of composite particles of average diameter from 0.5 to less than 10 nanometers.

Jagan Nathan, Ramesh
Irvine, Junior Glensea.
Jagan Nathan, Seshadri
Sadashivan, Sri Dhar
Sandel Rajan, Shresh
Looping, John Yee.
Meltz, Gary E.
Meter, Rajesh Vinodry
Sprout, Ross Alan
David, Daniel Tuchel
Renhart, William Charles
Nelson, David Jay.
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Publication Date:
May 12, 2005
Filing Date:
July 11, 2002
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Eastman Kodak Company
International Classes:
B01F23/70; B41M5/00; B01J3/00; B01J19/00; B41J2/21; B82B3/00; C07C303/42; C07C309/46; C07D487/22; C07D491/16; C07F1/08; C09B67/02; C09D11/00; C09K23/42; C09K23/54; (IPC1-7): B01J19/00; B01F17/42; B01F17/54; B01J3/00; C07C303/42; C07C309/46; C07D487/22; C07D491/16; C09B67/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Aoki Atsushi
Ishida Kei
Tetsuji Koga
Yoshihiro Kobayashi
Masaya Nishiyama