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Japanese Patent JP2005518836
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An inventive medical thermal exchange pad is provided that includes a pliable fluid containing layer and at least a first plurality of adjacent fluid channels of coincidental configurations with the fluid containing layer. A second plurality of fluid channels may also be provided in the fluid containing layer, wherein the second plurality of fluid channels are of coincidental configurations different than those of the first plurality of fluid channels. The pad may be defined to include a central segment with one or more flap segments separately and pivotably interconnected to the central segment. In particular, a plurality of side flap segments may be provided, wherein U-shaped portions of one of the first and second plurality of fluid channels extend through at least one of the side flap segments. Further, end flap segment may be provided. In one embodiment, fluid inlet and outlet ports to/from fluid circulation layer may be disposed in the end flap segment. Dual right side and left side pads having the noted features may be adapted for use on the back region of a patient. In such applications, separated side flap segments may extend around upper back-to-outside shoulder, the ribcage and lower back-to-hip/buttocks regions of a patient. The end flap segment may extend from the scapula to top shoulder region of a patient.

ホグランド、マイケル アール.
カーソン、ゲイリー エイ.
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June 30, 2005
Filing Date:
November 20, 2002
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A61F7/00; A61F7/02; (IPC1-7): A61F7/00
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恩田 博宣
恩田 誠

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