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Japanese Patent JP2005522516
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The present invention relates to a novel controlled release carrier system for pH or salt triggered release and targeted delivery of fragrances and other active ingredients onto fabric, hair, skin, and other biological surfaces and which provides prolonged release of fragrances and other active ingredients over an extended period of time, or yields a high impact fragrance "burst" upon treating the target surface with heat (blow drying the hair, ironing the fabric). The controlled delivery system of the present invention is substantially a free-flowing powder formed of solid hydrophobic nano-spheres comprising the fragrance and other active ingredients that are encapsulated in a pH or salt sensitive micro-spheres. Also described are processes for preparing such compositions and processes for using same. Furthermore, certain components of the aforementioned compositions in combination with one another are novel, and other components have novel uses in increasing fragrance substantivity, particularly in fabric, hair, and skin care preparations. The invention further pertains to consumer and diversified products comprising the controlled release system of the present invention.

Shepherd, Addy
Scheffer, Samuel, David
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July 28, 2005
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March 31, 2003
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Salvona El Lucy
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A61K8/00; A61K8/04; A61K8/11; A61K8/31; A61K8/34; A61K8/37; A61K8/40; A61K8/49; A61K8/64; A61K8/65; A61K8/73; A61K8/89; A61K8/891; A61K8/97; A61K8/98; A61K9/50; A61K47/10; A61K47/14; A61K47/22; A61K9/51; A61K47/24; A61K47/32; A61K47/34; A61K47/36; A61K47/38; A61K47/42; A61K47/46; A61Q5/00; A61Q5/02; A61Q13/00; A61Q17/04; A61Q19/00; C11B9/00; C11D3/00; C11D3/50; C11D17/00; (IPC1-7): A61K9/51; A61K7/00; A61K7/06; A61K7/075; A61K7/42; A61K7/46; A61K7/48; A61K9/50; A61K47/10; A61K47/14; A61K47/22; A61K47/24; A61K47/32; A61K47/34; A61K47/36; A61K47/38; A61K47/42; A61K47/46
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Mikio Hatta
Yasuo Nara
Etsuko Saito
Katsuyuki Utani
Fujii Toshifumi
Ken Fujita