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Japanese Patent JP2005522589
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This invention relates to a method for weaving curved warp yarns and a woven fabric. The method is characterized in that weaving warp yarns are delivered in an inclined direction by using a reed with vertical and inclined dents, the spacing between which is variable. Inclined warp yams and weft yams are not interwoven in a vertical direction to form a curved warp yarn pattern in the fabric. The fabric woven by the method according to the invention has an irregular and variable pattern and good appearance.

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Publication Date:
July 28, 2005
Filing Date:
December 06, 2002
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International Classes:
D02H13/16; D03D13/00; D03D23/00; D03D41/00; D03D49/62; (IPC1-7): D03D41/00; D03D13/00; D03D23/00
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深見 久郎
森田 俊雄
仲村 義平
堀井 豊
野田 久登
酒井 將行