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Japanese Patent JP2006506013
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A variable power divider and method can vary the RF power between ports in a high power and multi-carrier RF environment, such as is used in controlling signals sent and received in a base station antenna. The variable power divider can include a single-control phase shifter and a hybrid power divider. The single-control phase shifter can comprise a three-port device having a single input port and two output ports. The single-control phase shifter can further comprise a variable adjuster that can change or adjust the phase between two RF signals. The hybrid power divider can comprise a four-port device having two input ports and two output ports. Both the single-control phase shifter and the hybrid power divider can comprise substantially planar structures that are suitable for high-speed manufacturing. The output ports of the hybrid power divider can be coupled to various devices such antennas or power absorbing elements.

Runyon, Donald, Elle.
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Publication Date:
February 16, 2006
Filing Date:
November 08, 2002
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EMS Technologies, Inc.
International Classes:
H01P5/12; H01P1/18; H01P5/04; H01P5/18; H01P5/22; H03H7/18
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takao Kawasaki