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Japanese Patent JP2006513866
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The inventive axoid mechanism and axoid press relate to mechanical engineering, to devices for converting power and speed parameters of linear motions and are based on power axoid mechanisms whose friction is eliminated by the substitution of a sliding motion with an axoid rolling and by the reciprocal balance of normal reaction components in bearing elements of the novel balanced power axoid mechanism. Said mechanism is embodied in the form of a closed system of axoid mechanisms comprising end elements which are linearly movable in the direction thereof. The axoid mechanisms are provided with support surfaces and an intermediate link consisting of contact elements provided with support surfaces and interacting with the support surfaces of the end elements in such a way that the displacement of one on the end elements ensures the mutual axoid rolling thereof devoid of sliding motion and associated with a force and motion transfer to the other end elements, said elements being integrated into one or several power circuits by means of multi-end elements. The invention also makes it possible to develop a drive which is based on said balanced power axoid mechanism and used for actuating units, in particular a drive for axoid presses which, in comparison with traditional power mechanisms, are provided with an increased service life, pressing power parameters and have a reduced friction, wear and costs for the lubrication, cooling and repair thereof.

Don, Evgeniy Alexevich
Kim, Floyd Borisovic
Smary, Igor Vladimirovich
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Publication Date:
April 27, 2006
Filing Date:
March 24, 2003
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Don, Evgeniy Alexevich
International Classes:
B30B1/10; B30B1/00; F16H21/16; F16H21/44; F16H25/18
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Hideto Asamura
Hajime Asamura
Toru Mori
Yutaka Yoshida