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Japanese Patent JP2006521226
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There is described a unit (1) for applying opening devices (2) to packages (3) of pourable food products having a pierceable portion (5), the unit substantially having conveying means (20) for feeding the packages (3) successively along a given path (P1); and gripping means (26) for receiving the opening devices (2) at a pickup station (11), and which move cyclically between the pickup station (11) and an application station (12) interfacing with the path (P1) and where the opening devices (2) are applied to respective packages (3); the trajectory of the gripping means (26) from the application station (12) to the pickup station (11) is distinct from the path (P1) of the packages (3); and the unit (1) also comprises pressure means (31) generating a contact pressure between the packages (3) and the opening devices (2) as of the application station (12) and along at least a portion (X) of the path (P1) of the packages (3).

Cavili, Jean Franco
Switch, Omar
Borasi, Gabriele
Veroni, Danilo
Sonzogni, Bruno
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Publication Date:
September 21, 2006
Filing Date:
March 26, 2004
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Tetra Laval Holdings Financiers Society Anonym
International Classes:
B31B1/84; B65B61/18
Domestic Patent References:
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hideto Asamura
Hajime Asamura
Tadashi Tanaka
Toru Mori