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Japanese Patent JP2007523287
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The gas turbine comprises a turbine and a compressor with a compressor casing (14), whereby the compressor for the cooling of the turbine has a tapping line(16) for the bleed of compressed or partially compressed air. The tapping line has a shut-off device, especially a valve (19), and a cavity (17) which lies in front of the shut-off device in the direction of flow of the bleed air. Independent claims are also included for the following: (A) a method for the running of a gas turbine in which the valve is closed or partially closed when the turbine runs down; and (B) a compressor with a tapping line for turbine cooling.

Bauer, Holger
Custers, Bernhard
Minninger, Dieter
Mittelbach, Marc
Peters, Andreas
Schmidt, Stephan
Scraper, Steffen
Stecker, Bernd
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Publication Date:
August 16, 2007
Filing Date:
January 31, 2005
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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
International Classes:
F01D25/12; F01D5/14; F01D11/14; F01D11/24; F01D17/10; F01D25/10; F01D25/14; F01D25/26; F02C6/08; F02C9/18; F04D27/02
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Iwao Yamaguchi