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Japanese Patent JP2007530700
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Compounds and methods useful in the control, treatment, and prevention of fungal activity, of the following formula: where R1-3 are independently H, alkyl, methyl, acyl, halogen, phenyl, R4 is H, alkyl, methyl, acyl, alkoxy, halogen, phenyl provided that when R3 is methyl and R4 is H, R1 and R2 are not both H; and stereoisomers, analogs, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.

リ, シン-コン
ヤコブ, メリッサ アール
ウェッジ, ディヴィッド イー
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Publication Date:
November 01, 2007
Filing Date:
March 29, 2005
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ユニバーシティ オブ ミシシッピ
International Classes:
C07C49/753; A01N35/06; A01N37/02; A01N37/06; A01N37/10; A01N43/08; A01N43/10; A01N43/90; A01P3/00; A61K31/12; A61K31/122; A61K31/216; A61K31/275; A61K31/341; A61K31/381; A61K31/7048; A61P31/10; C07C45/59; C07C45/71; C07C49/23; C07C49/252; C07C49/743; C07C49/747; C07C49/76; C07C69/007; C07C69/145; C07C69/606; C07C69/618; C07C69/76; C07C69/767; C07C69/78; C07C211/00; C07C217/10; C07D307/46; C07D333/22; C07H9/04; C07H15/18
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松井 光夫