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Japanese Patent JP2008525672
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A method of making an elastic laminate includes the steps of feeding a first substrate in a machine direction, feeding a second substrate aligned with the first substrate in the machine direction, and feeding an array of elastomeric strand material stretched in the machine direction between the first and second substrates. A hot melt adhesive is applied onto the strand material, and a curable adhesive is applied to one or both of the substrates. The two substrates and the elastomeric strand material are then compressed to form an elastomeric preform web while maintaining the elastomeric strand material in its stretched state. The stretched elastomeric preform web is then heated in line by feeding it over heated rolls, and thereafter allowed to relax and contract in the machine direction as it cools and moves downstream from the heated rolls to form a gathered elastomeric laminate. A release liner is fed in the machine direction and aligned with the gathered elastomeric laminate, and a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the release liner. The gathered elastomeric laminate and release liner are then compressed to form the elastic laminate which is particularly useful as window flashing.

Beck, Scott A
Hargrove, Gregory El
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Publication Date:
July 17, 2008
Filing Date:
November 01, 2005
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International Classes:
D06C3/00; B32B5/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kazuo Shamoto
Shinjiro Ono
Yasushi Kobayashi
Akio Chiba
Hiroyuki Tomita
Takako Koiso