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Japanese Patent JP2008530538
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The invention relates to methods of manipulating immobilised carbohydrates by derivatisation. Depending on the nature of the derivatisation, the carbohydrate may thereby be more easily detected and/or identified or handled. In particular, the invention relates to methods of preparing a reactive sugar comprising the steps of: i) providing a sample comprising a reducing sugar; ii) providing a solid support covalently attached to a linker comprising a capture group comprising an —NH2 group, wherein said linker optionally is attached to said solid support via a spacer; iii) reacting said reducing sugar with said —NH2 group, thereby obtaining an immobilised sugar; iv) reacting free —NH2 groups with a capping agent, wherein the capping agent comprises a reactive group capable of reacting with an —NH2 group; and v) reducing C═N bonds with a reducing agent, thereby obtaining an reactive sugar of the structure SugarCHn-NH— linked to a solid support via a linker and optionally a spacer, wherein n is 1 or 2.

ローセ、 アンデルス
ヨーゲンセン、 マレーネ リュボール
マルティンス、 リタ
ヒンドスガウル、 オレ
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August 07, 2008
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February 08, 2006
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G01N33/53; C12Q1/34; C12Q1/48; C12Q1/68; G01N27/62; G01N33/483; G01N33/543; G01N33/547
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宮崎 昭夫
石橋 政幸
緒方 雅昭