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Japanese Patent JP2008539065
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A vacuum vessel for continuous or semi-continuous treatment of oils in connection with deodorization comprises spaces (12, 121, 122) through which oil to be treated is brought to pass and means to heat or cool the oil in the form of U-tubes. There are perforated pipes (26) arranged at the bottom of said spaces to lead stripping gas into said oil. The vessel has a connection to a vacuum source (7). The spaces in the vessel are arranged such that the oil to be treated in the vessel flows through the same by gravity. The heating or cooling medium passing the U-tubes is arranged to be pumped therethrough. The U-tubes for heating or cooling medium are arranged in such a way in said spaces that the flow of oil is counter-current to the flow of heating or cooling medium all through the vessel and a number of U-tubes are arranged in groups (13), parallel and in rows above each other in said spaces.

グロヴ-ラスムッセン、 ビヤルネ
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November 13, 2008
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April 26, 2006
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アルファ ラヴァル コーポレイト アクチボラゲット
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B01D19/00; B01J3/00
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宮崎 昭夫
石橋 政幸
緒方 雅昭

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